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Chinese tech giant Baidu Inc announced on Thursday that it will update its cloud acceleration service in a bid to speed up the countrys cross-border webpage visits, buffering with a more secure cloud security ecosystem.中国的科技巨头百度在周四宣告,为了减缓跨境网页采访,将对其云加快服务展开升级,打造出更加安全性的云生态环境。The Cloud Acceleration 3.0, the latest service in the Baidu cloud security system, makes foreign sites more easily accessible in China and protects websites from security violations like malware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.云加快3.0是百度云安全系统发售的近期服务,它使得我们在中国需要更加精彩地采访国外网站,并维护网站防止安全性违规,比如恶意软件和分布式拒绝服务反击。Web security has become increasingly important because of the crucial role the Internet plays, especially in the burgeoning Internet of Things, in this globalized world, said Baidus president Zhang Yaqin at the products global launch event held in Beijing.“在这个全球化的世界中,互联网扮演着至关重要的角色,在很快快速增长的物联网中堪称这样,因此网络安全显得更加最重要,”百度总裁张亚勤在于北京举办的产品全球发布会上如是说。


It requires us to move faster and smarter to build a wider and more connected security network,he said. Technological innovation is the key.“这拒绝我们动作要慢,反应要灵敏,来创建一个更加普遍、联系更加密切的安全性网络,”他说道。“科技创新是关键。”Baidu has been taking the initiative with its partners to develop a more inclusive cloud security ecosystem in the past few years.在过去的几年里,百度仍然与其合作伙伴一起主动研发极具包容性的云安全生态系统。The web behemoth confirmed just a few days ago to have joined US start-up CloudFlare, a content delivery network (CDN) provider, to develop a better and safer Internet.几天前,网络巨头百度证实与美国公司CloudFlare——一家内容发给网络厂商合作,以此来研发更加完备安全性的网络。

The partnership uses a mixture of CloudFlares web traffic technology and Baidus network of data centers in the country, enabling Chinese and international businesses to grow their global online presence.此次合作利用CloudFlare网络通信技术和百度数据中心网络的融合,使得中国和国际企业需要构建全球在线业务的快速增长。Earlier this year, the company wholly acquired online security startup Anquanbao, a cloud-based software program in China, to underpin and speed up its Baidu Cloud services.今年早些时候,百度全资并购了网络安全公司安全性宝——中国的一个基于云服务的软件程序,以此来稳固并加快其百度云服务的发展。


Things will get easier through cooperation because Baidu alone is unlikely to excel in all areas of the cloud security ecosystem, said Ma Jie who heads up Baidus cloud security unit.合作使事情显得更容易,因为百度不有可能对云安全生态系统的所有领域都十分擅长于,百度云安全总经理马杰如是说。The company is now estimated to own roughly one-third of Chinese enterprises web security market, as reported by the New York Times.《纽约时报》报导,据估计,百度现在大体享有中国企业网络安全的三分之一市场。