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OPE体育电竞官方网站_The first operating license to allow experimental drone deliveries in China has been granted to a courier, civil aviation authorities said last Tuesday. 民用航空部门上周二回应,国内首张无人机航空运营(试点)许可证花落一家快递公司。The East China Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation Administration of China granted a subsidiary of Chinas leading courier SF Express the license in Jiangxi. 中国民用航空华东地区管理局近日向国内顶尖快递公司顺丰租车的江西子公司授予了上述许可证。

The license allows the commercial operation of drone deliveries in a pilot zone stipulated by civil aviation authorities. 该许可证容许该公司在民航部门规定的试点区内展开无人机仓储商业运营。The issue of the license means that drone transportation in China has entered a new stage, said Wang Zhiqing, deputy director of CAAC, adding that the technology was expected to benefit people in rural areas.中国民用航空局副局长王志清回应:“许可证的问题意味著中国的无人机运输早已转入了一个新的阶段。”他还回应,这项技术未来将会教化于农村地区的人们。


SF Express will build a drone delivery network, expand delivery services in those remote areas of complex topography and improve its logistics efficiency, said a senior employee with SF Express. 顺丰租车的一名高级雇员称之为:“顺丰租车将创建一张无人机仓储网络,将仓储服务扩展到地形简单的偏远地区并提高公司的物流效率。”He added the next step would be to expand the operation in the province and also the whole country.他还回应,下一步顺丰将把这项业务扩至整个江西省以及全国各地。